Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Review Post for Shift (Mckenzie Grey#1) by Karina Espinosa

Shift (Mckenzie Grey#1)
by Karina Espinosa

Great start to great series, Spoilers

Spoilers Alert!!!
I got this book for my honest review.

Kenzie is just another normal girl in college, her roommate is her best friend Amy and she has a job at the police station where she interns. Then Kenzie ones into the pack into a pack which is very set on its ways. The pack leader is also in by Sebastian who is a tight ass and his second in command is Jonah. Kenzies dead set on ways of not joining the pack. But then they have other issues because one of their own as kidnapped and come to find out many other species to kidnap with also kidnapped by an unknown person. Kenzie hangs around long enough to help them solve their problem. While in that time Sebastian and Jonah both want to clean Kenzie as their own. They keep telling Kenzie to choose who she wants to be with, but you think who she wants to be with me and she also has to join the pack. Come to find out they had a traitor within the back which was a skin walker. Sebastian then tell Kenzie she has to meet Jonahs father and explain how she knew Caleb was the skin walker but Kenzie claims she just had a hunch and went for it and it paid off and she killed him. Then she meets with Jonahs father Who cleans Kenzie was adopted and they have blood samples to prove it. Kenzie claims that is he wrong. But does the thing about her background that is mysterious. In the end Kenzie see all the species who is kidnapped and in the pack eyes she is a hero and now they are happy to let her in the pack the Kenzie isn't joining them. In fact her and Amy her best friend have plans of leaving as soon as the full moon comes but Kenzie has other plans that she's not including Amy. I for one am anxious to continue reading the series. 
The only complaint I would have is the author couldn't be more creative with the names of the city when the names with alphabet city so original and boring. Me and Kenzie didn't choose anyone to be with you know I'll probably pick the office Sebastian since he has more power then Jonah and seems to like Kenzie more. I'm not saying she shouldn't go with Jonah but Sebastian just have the power to make sure Kenzie is safe from the others. I would recommend this book to anyone who love shifters that also like a little vampires and face and skin walkers but warning the skin walker in this book was the bad guy. I am planning on starting the second book as soon as I finish this review.

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